To enroll please fill out this form here and send it to before March 19th! The fee for the ten week program is $250.

Beginning on March 19th Paul Ellis, Director of the Actors Workshop Ensemble, is
conducting a ten week training program. Enrollment is open now for the program at the
Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center. Classes are held on Thursday Evenings from 6-8pm.

Paul Ellis director of the Actors Workshop Ensemble and the Air Pirates Radio Theater
is directing the workshop. The ten-week workshop is designed to emphasize the group
process in the development of theatrical performance.


The ensemble workshop begins with exercises involving rhythm, movement, and relationships. Actors work together to solve character, language and script interpretation; at the same time learning the use of sound,movement, and rhythm. Actors will be asked to explore written material in light of their own emotional recall, personal experience, and group relationships.

The objective of the theater program is to provide actors from diverse backgrounds the
opportunity to participate in a theatre experience that will develop confidence,
responsibility, teamwork, and a greater sense of self and community.

The workshop includes improvisation, scene study, movement and voice as well as internal
process, rhythm and pacing. The program is held in the Pavilion of the Sugar Loaf Performing
Arts Center. Having this program at SLPAC gives the students access to a professional theatre
space with state of the art equipment.