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classes start july 26th
summer drama courses

Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center

Summer 2021 Classes:

M/W: 2-3:30pm | 4th &5th Graders (25 students max)

M/W: 4-5:30pm | 9th-12th Graders (25 students max)

T/Thu: 10-11am | Kindergarten & 1st Grade (12 students max)



M/W: $200

T/Thu: $125

*Financial Assistance applicable by request*

*Classes can be paid by check, Venmo or Paypal- Full payment due at the date of the first class*


Classes: What to expect?

"What am I signing my student up for?"

Besides fun?

This is my first year establishing my classes with no curriculum, boundaries, and rules! (Okay, there are some rules, I have to keep the parents as happy as my students!)

I hope to focus on the following with the age ranges listed:

4th/5th grade: Playwriting & Improvisation

Depending on the admission and attendance, I hope to use this class for 4th & 5th graders to explore improvisation; it will feel like games! Improvisation is "top of the brain" thinking, where actors will learn the tools of saying "yes!" to collaborative scene work with their fellow actors. They will operate like a cast and learn, grow and play with each other. Then, using our newly found (or deeply developed) improvisation skills, we will delve into playwriting. I hope this group has enough time and attendance to collaborate and write their play that there would be an "end of the summer" performance!

9-12th Graders: Shakespeare & Stage Combat

Depending on the class time, I hope to cover a specific Shakespeare work; (allowing exploration through the actors to choose the play) and creating our version. Using safety first, last, and always, we will learn a few stage combat techniques. I hope this group has enough time and grade attendance to collaborate and write their play that there would be an "end of the summer" performance!

K-1: Process Process Drama & Storytelling

My little friends love to play, create and explore. Process Drama does all of that! Students will go on "adventures" with me while we are in the role; maybe we explore space, take a "trip" to the zoo, we act out Little Red Riding Hood, who knows! Using Process Drama and storytelling, my younger friends and I will use Theatre to explore new worlds, places, and people.


"Should my student bring anything?"

Besides a positive attitude and a water bottle? Nothing!

Your student(s) should come ready to move, roll and jump. They should be dressed comfortably.

We will mix between using an indoor stage space and outdoor space.

*Please let me know of any bee/wasp allergies*


"What are your mask policies?"

Let me clear: I am fully vaccinated. This is about you and your student's comfort level.

If they are not comfortable not wearing a mask even outdoors, that is completely up to them.

I will note if your student happens to be vaccinated and prefers not to wear a mask, that is also up to them.

I will be wearing a mask with my K-1 and 4-5th grader classes: unless I am outdoors and 6 feet apart from them.

I would first like to meet with my 9-12th graders to discuss their comfort levels.


"Is food allowed?"

Please feed your child before class. I prefer to use our time working and creating, not snacking.


"Are you fully insured? Are you CPR trained?"

I am fully insured under my company. Additionally, I am NYS certified teacher so I also have completed the following:

  • DASA training

  • Fingerpritning (NY, NJ & PA)

  • CPR/AED Training

  • EpiPen Training

  • I have I9 Clearance in three states: NY, NJ & PA (meaning, I have nothing in my personal background history that would keep me from working with children of any age)

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